January 2019

Garage Sale / Open Days

As we have settled into the new shed, it's time to use it more fully. 

Starting in February, we will have a garage sale / open day every month as follows:

● WHEN: 1st Saturday of every month
● TIME: 7 am till 1 pm
● Sausage sizzle available to raise funds
● Men's Shed goods for sale
● Open Shed for visitors and potential members

Australia Day Celebrations

Looking for expressions of interest to attend the shed on 26 Jan for a BBQ/Open day for members and family, see details of the proposal below.
● BBQ / Open Day
● Saturday 26 January 2019
● 12 noon - till late
● BBQ / Sausage Sizzle
● Music by the Shed Musicians

Everybody welcome. Got family visiting, bring them along, the more the merrier. We will need a decent response for this to go ahead.


Musicians Wanted

The men's shed needs all types of musicians and singers. 

Why not come along on Mondays and join us for lunch and then a jam session after. 

We have a lot of fun and always look for new input. 

So come along and be part of the group THE SHEDMEN.

For more info give me a call on 0412461929. Warren Sanger

On the Floor

Tom Skinner has worked tirelessly for some time now, restoring and fixing all manner of furniture and stained glass windows for clients of the Men's Shed. He is also a Shed Manager in the Woodwork Shop. Recently he has just finished sorting out the drill bits etc. Tom would like to reinforce the Workshop rules for all Shedders.
Tom's letter follows:

Drill bits:

  • There are now 3 full sets of drill bits. Starting from 1/8 up. If you need smaller bits, I suggest you bring your own and keep them separate. If not please ask me. You will be asked to replace them if they get broken. 
  • The draw with the spade bits has also been sorted and placed in order. 
  • If you break a bit or a bit needs sharpening please tell me (Workshop Managers are Tom Skinner and Barry Guest). It is a lot easier to replace 1 bit or sharpen 1 bit then to have to spend the time I just have putting the bits in order.We will not draw and quarter you if you break something. Please tell us.
  • Please show other shed members a little courtesy and replace the bits after you have finished, back to where you obtained it/them. Don’t leave it in the drill, or just any place, put them back where they belong.

Machines in general:

  • The machines in general are supplied for your use. If they are damaged it is a cost that the shed has to wear. Damaged machines are dangerous and useless as far as wood working.
  • The responsibility falls on the person using the machine to use it with care - both for their safety and the care of the machine. The blades in the small thicknesser have just been replaced at a cost to the shed of nearly $1000, plus the fitting time. The rollers have been adjusted and it is working very well. Now the down side. Someone has put timber through and not checked it for nails. Four of the new blades have been ruined. Great chunks taken out.
  • Before putting timber through the machines - saws, thicknesser, jointer - check for nails with the metal detector!
  • If you are not sure how to use it please ask. Remember if you chip the blades the next time you use the machine it will ruin your job. This time you will be drawn and quartered.

Cleaning machines:

A reminder:

● If you use a machine it should be left clean, sawdust residue swept up and no off cuts left on it.
● If you have used the stop on the drop saw take it off and put it back where you found it.
● The drill press is one of the worst with people just leaving shavings on the floor when they are finished.
● If everyone cleans up their own mess it makes things so much easier for everyone - YOU INCLUDED.

Big day at Bunnings

Shedders worked together again on January 6 at Bunnings to produce the finest sausage sangers in town. Despite the heat and the slow start, we fed the enthusiastic punters with fine fare and a smile. Coffs residents again showed their support for the Men's Shed with small donations. Robert and Dave should always be recognised for the extra effort they put in setting up and tearing down the barbeque facility, as well as shopping for the goods to sell, and running around as required.

Furniture Donation from BCU

The Bananacoast Credit Union has donated some furniture to start filling up our Mezzanine storage area. Desks, cupboards, shelving, chairs and a conference table are ready to be used. These have been gratefully accepted, and will be used as required by the Shedders. 

We need more furniture, so if you have some excess business furniture, talk to Robert.

Garden Update

Miller Time

Hot Hot Hot

These jalapeno chillies are nearly ready, just waiting on them to turn red. Doug Tysoe planted these and they are looking very healthy.


Our run of corn has finished and now tomatoes are enjoying our pleasant garden. There are standard sized tomatoes, plus cherry tomatoes.

garden visitor

It seems our new gardens have attracted the wildlife. Here is a pic of a Water Dragon that was recently seen checking out the garden.

I. T. News

Computerised Tool Induction Register

Shedders will be aware that for insurance purposes the Shed must test members to verify their eligibility to use the power tools and equipment in the shed. The original system, shown in the right side photo, required the Shed Managers to personally scan the list to check members' levels of training. Shedder Clive Longstaff has created a new data entry system based on Microsoft Excel that will hold a complete history of each member, past and present, with the capability to display which tools are okay to use. All past records had to be manually digitised; a task involving nearly 500 separate tests. It's clever work like this which makes running the Shed easier for our great Managers.

Shedders at work

A look around the shed

from bus to boat

Neville has shifted his focus to paddle steamer models.

best wishes

Brett wishing his fellow shedders a Merry Christmas. Good on you Brett...


Robert losing the war on technology...

Shedders at work - Slideshow

Outdoor furniture gets a makeover

Shedder Ian Kerr worked on his suntan while meticulously removing rust, undercoating, painting and staining our outdoor furniture ready for future shedders to have some time off outside the shed. The new barbeque area is finished, and has become a most pleasant area to cool off and have a chat to other shedders. Thanks to all involved in this and the garden project to create such a welcoming space.

Supporters of the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed

The Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed wishes to thank all our supporters, both large and small, for their ongoing support and generous donations of time and money. 


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