April 2015 Newsletter


  • The CNC router has worked well lately after being tamed by Robert. He will mentor other interested users soon.
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle was a short session for 6 workers who earned the $200 donation. Ken Ryan was lucky enough to win the $100 voucher. His shout.
  • Robert and Tony explained our operations to the Korora View Club recently, resulting in a $75 donation. 
  • Quick action is needed to relocate the timber in the Marcia St storage unit which has been leased. Volunteers are needed in the next week for stacking duty somewhere.
  • Don Black is back from Sydney with “ skull repairs”.
  • Big Graham is on 24/7 antibiotics and apparently doing it tough.
  • Louis Cauz still has eye problems.
  • Don’t forget to sell final tickets and return money and stubs soon for the anniversary raffle.
  • The Shed land acquisition has passed council and now needs to be processed by the Grafton Lands Dept, then the State Govt. Glacial speed red tape but the end is in sight.


To Scotty Mullen for organising free hardwood burls (river red gum). Scarce and much sought after.


It is so much easier to finish sand surfaces for coating before final assembly. No corners to sand into. Be careful to remove all excess glue quickly with a damp cloth to prevent blotchy final appearance.


The big rocking horse is complete and ready for decorating. The small rocking horse was collected on Thursday. Very professional.

The Bowls pick up box, made by Peter and finished by Col and Tony is shown.

Graham Miller has completed the garden bridge and is now working on a lectern (commission jobs) Very high standard work. 

John Barby’s fine work with the CNC router computer housing.

Profile - Deryk King-Scott

Was born in Melbourne and following school worked for 15 years as an electrical fitter. Came to Coffs and looked after Brycker Hire, before having a hardware shop at the Plaza for 8 years. Change of direction to a mobile plant nursery business before establishing Biggles Kiosk at the airport.

Deryk did volunteer work for GMR at the showground before helping Rotary establish our Marcia St shed. The offices and mezzanine floor were added in this early stage in 2010.

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