April 2016 Newsletter

What's Happening

  • A General Meeting was held at the shed on March 31st. About 20 members attended, quite a few not being regular Thursday workers. Treasurer John Gregory explained the funding necessary to complete the new shed, estimated to cost $400,000 and the necessity to continue to raise funds by market stalls, commission jobs and sausage sizzles. He was upbeat about the help being given by Mick Raby and Glen O’Grady(Project Manager) and Peter Crawford from the Council. 
  • Housekeeping in the shed was the second agenda item and repeated the need for tidiness and neat storage. Along with workplace smoking requirements, these matters brought some robust discussion.
  • Markets should be regrouping this Sunday, provided another member volunteers. We need to keep up the income flow as 3 of our main constructors are away.
  • Last Sunday’s Bunning Stall made $1100 clear. Pity we didn’t do one each week. Incidentally, we must present a welcoming happy presence to the public at this type of event , in order to attract new members.
  • ALL attendees should drop $2 in the box on arrival. About 1/3 do not.

Construction News

  • Pegs should be planted today (14.4.16) showing the required levels for the slab. Interestingly they are 400mm above the standard height, so only our feet, not our knees could be wet with a bad storm surge! 
  • Slab finished by next week hopefully.
  • Peter Jackson has been appointed as the shed’s Project Manager. With his years of building experience, we can be sure that all aspects will be well supervised as he liases with Peter Crawford on the Council. Thanks P. He assures me that he will not stress at nights.
  • We have a new Fund Raising Acquisition Committee of Tony G. and President Dave. They are chasing donations of materials. Bill Tindal has secured a donation of conduit valued at $300 from C.N. Wholesalers, probably enough for the shed.

Wounded Warriors

  • John Bambey will be away for a few weeks as he has his leg operated on. Tony and Dave have planned to visit him.
  • Don Black is having balance problems after his ear troubles.


Andrew Ryan is progressing well with his new Pyrography gear. His products will soon feature at the market stall.

Mick Davis has given us a new line in coasters. 

These have been ordered all over Aust. Very impressive.

Nice refurb job means a happy lady customer.

Andrew Ryan is progressing well with his new Pyrography gear. 

His products will soon feature at the market stall.

Our Happy Painters with a monster notice board

First Aid

Please remember that any workshop injury must be reported to the available qualified member as listed on the wall beside the First Aid cabinet. Together you will record the nature of the “event”.

New Tool

Scotty has offered to train anyone in the use of the Tormek grinder. He has made all the rack chisels and planes razor sharp (while reducing the wheel diameter considerably according to Robert ! In the last few days, the truck has delivered about a dozen power tools , previously owned by our departed friend Derek. Thanks to Ann and the family.

Member Profile: John Gregory

John was born at Townsville, attending Townsville West Primary School, then Townsville Grammer. His father was the airport manager, allowing young John to fly all over Northern Australia at the right price. He managed to find a seat in a DC3 from Townsville to Brisbane with the Queen during a Royal Visit.

After graduating in Science and Physics at Queensland Uni., John joined the RAAF at Point Cook in Vic. doing Basic Flying Training with Winjeel aircraft. He felt like a change of scene after 3 years and 322 days, joining the C.B.A. bank as a Programmer. 6 months later, he left for Mt Isa where he stayed for 3 years.This enabled him to save some money which he used to travel to the U.K. by foot, arriving in 1974 spending less than $5 per day throughout.

In London, he became assistant chief programmer with the Automobile Assoc. then had an exciting time working in China, Hong Kong , Singapore and Russia in the I.T. field.

Back to Australia in 2004, where he had 700 programmers working for him with a Dutch Communication firm. 3 years was spent with Mission Australia in the Northern area. In 2011 John started with Chess in Coffs, where we first used his expertise in the early running of the Mens Shed. After retirement, he has continued with the shed as well as the Bello. SES. He has kids in London, visiting them frequently.

John has taken care of the shed’s finances for the last few years and provided the board and members with accurate statistics regarding our financial position. A valuable friendly and helpful member.

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