April 2017 Newsletter


This is hopefully the last newsletter to feature the “Old Shed” before we pass it back to Phil Watson late in May. Mixed memories over 7 years. We will miss the sociable car detailers next door, the postage stamp car parks in Marcia Street and the flow through air conditioning/dust extraction/spray mist.

But we have learnt a lot about shed facilities and their preferable locations. Lately we have learnt not to accept household junk, otherwise destined for the tip – “It may be handy in the new shed“. After moving tons of orphaned odd chairs and part completed jobs from 2112 we will be more ruthless I’m sure.

Note Manager David weeping as about 2 tonnes of showground junk leaves for Englands Road.
Thanks Ron Braun for being the chief removalist and for all involved.

  • During the last few weeks, Tom Skinner has been culling out surplus hand tools from the shed drawers. These have been offered to members in a box at the front roller door. Many are in poor condition or seldom used. You are welcome to take some – the snag is that you need to turn up and help with the move.
  • The Shed ute has done many trips already as we empty the mezzanine floor. If helping, please ensure that the load is tied down and covered adequately. We don’t need a fine at this stage.
  • Will the oil burning ute survive the next month ?
  • At Howard Street, the fork lift has quickened up the turn around when unloading. Thanks Eagle Plumbing. More heavy duty palettes would be helpful – can you help ?
  • Incidentally, my industry employed daughter tells me that fork lifts cause the majority of workshop injuries. In some premises, pedestrians are excluded while forks are working. Be vigilant, especially in noisy conditions.

General News

I am assuming that you have been reading emails from President Allan. For those not email friendly, I will try to provide a printed copy above the sign in book. Main thrust of them is the need to get on with the move to the exclusion of shed jobs for the next 25 days, and the changes in shed management with different responsibilities.

One of the last projects produced in the shed has been the timber “laboratory” stool made in bulk by Big Graham and Neville Ellis. I’ve had 2 of these for years. Many uses in the workshop and house. Any suggestion on a price to the public?

Warren Sanger is downsizing with a little help from Tom Skinner

Good to see Matt Preo and his BOSS in the shed this week. BOSS should enjoy the trees surrounding our Howards St site.

The Rotary Club provided a great meal with their mobile kitchen recently. They seem impressed with our new premises and have noted our wish list for the future. The LED lights proved their efficiency at their first test with excellent light.

  • Sadly, the Committee have realised that it is not viable to operate a vehicular hoist in the new shed. There are myriads of Workcover insurance and maintenance regulations that have stopped this idea. The hoist will be disposed of.
  • Stormwater drainage at the new shed has been worked on lately by President Al and others as this is a precondition of our occupancy certificate from council. We look forward to council workers sealing most of the enclosed yard soon.
  • Projects in the shed have effectively finished except for emergency or very lucrative commission jobs using machines. We will need many helpers for the final clearing out. Many hands (or Scotty) mean light work. Thanks to the ute owners and willing carriers so far. Soon we’ll all be at the same place and loving it.

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