August 2016 Newsletter

What's Happening

Having been out of town for a few weeks, I find that not a lot has happened except for a few more fund raising activities.

  • The Harbour Market stall on Sundays seems to be successful with $400 reportedly raised last time. Working hours are 10 to 2 every second week. The only downside is the need to erect the gazebo. Plenty of vacancies from Sun. 18th.
  • We have a stall at Coffs Central (aka Palm Centre ) Hub on Mon , Tues and Weds. Relaxing way to sell Rocking Horse Raffle tickets and get some community interest in our work.(10AM to 2 PM)

Site News

Our new steel boom gate

The slab now has a live fuse box and some protective fencing. A working bee is planned for Thursday morning 15/9 to spread some fill around the slab edges. Bring a spade. 

Some of the committee will this week collect a cheque for $67,000 from the council. Sadly this has already been spent! Ken has applied for a $20,000 grant from Clubs NSW. Unfortunately our expected donation from the Coffs Cup Calcutta has been postponed until the new race date of 9/12. The shed frame cannot be ordered yet due to lack of funds, and steel prices have apparently risen.

Workshop Happenings

  • I’m disappointed to hear that Peter Machin is currently in the Health Campus . He would appreciate visitors and is looking forward to seeing his step daughter from Brisbane. 
  • Seems we have a contract from Jims Mowing (and maintenance ?) to do some detail work on a heritage home restoration. Next stop - THE BLOCK!
  • We now have separate folders for commission jobs and “home “ jobs.
  • Robert has asked me to remind you about tidying up . As the sign says – “Your Mother isn’t here !”
  • Please leave the benchtops clear for the next user and store all large bits upstairs.
  • 51 paid up members is an improvement on this time last year.
  • An auditor is to be appointed.

Candid Camera

Matt entertains John Gregory with his efforts to rebirth long buried hand tools.

2 different poses for a smoko break – Peter and Scotty

Wayne and John get hysterical over a HEAVY Pizza stand

Bob White takes on a glass storage unit.

Graham Miller with more of his Brush Box furniture.

Hard work mate, but you can bounce a stubby off it without a mark !

Member Profile - Wayne Crivellone

Wayne was born in New Jersey USA , the son of a glazier. He admits to being a spoilt child. His public school education started at Little Falls, which he tells me was famous for nothing ! (I thought they made tools ?) It was 10 minutes from Manhatten. He participated in competitive wrestling at school and enjoyed Industrial Arts, where he made a walnut coffee table which his 95yo aunt now has.

After 4 years in the USAF Wayne married in 1968. He was a Flight Engineer on C130 (Hercules ) and C120s. He served in Vietnam for 1 ½ years, but was refused a posting in Germany.

At 22 he started further training in Aeronautical Engineering and business management, then worked for the government building simulators at Sacramento in California, until the base closed.

Wayne became a highrise builder for 13 odd years , following the 2001 L.A. earthquake. His wife died after 38 years of marriage. A buddy suggested work in Australia, so Perth became home until 4 years ago when he bought into Moonee.

Wayne can always be located by his cigar vapour trail and accent, but his contribution to accurate construction of commission jobs is valued in the shed. He is a 50 % Aussie leaving us too often.

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