August 2017 Newsletter

Contacting the shed

John Gregory has informed me recently that he is in negotiation with Telstra and NBN and that there may be light at the end of the tunnel with us making contact with the outside World. Stay tuned.

Shed Progress

  • During August, the shed is getting back to business with commission jobs. 
  • The Makita dropsaw is now set up with guide rails and all machines are up and running. 
  • You may even find your chosen portable tool in the storage room on wall racks . Great improvement on the locker groping previously.
  • We have available grant money for the mezzanine floor with flooring and framing ordered. Unfortunately the expensive items ( stairs, disabled access) are still not funded.
  • Great to see the “Engineering “ area in frequent use with metal projects. We scored a free welder lately. If you are not a competent metal tradie, ask Jacko for advice. His knowledge is universal and he has a great “Latheside” manner.
  • Our Committee bought a second hand spray booth last weekend at a good price having missed out on a grant. It is currently being assembled with 10,000 gutter bolts !
  • The rear yard has a crusher dust covering now with our 2 storage containers refurbished and waterproof. A big job.
  • The committee would like to thank the following members for their hard work and diligence in removing timber from the shed and storing in the containers :Peter, Warren, Bruce, Craig, Neville, Graham E, Dave, Bill and Ken.
  • We are still waiting for line marking in the front carpark. With untidy parking , latecomers may need to park on the access road.

Managers Notes


  • The shed is a smoke free zone. This has been a little lax lately. Smokers need to be outside and away from the front door.
  • Also jobs need to be put away off benches and the area cleaned up.
  • The shed work is going well, we are getting new jobs in, even though we don’t have phone or internet yet.
  • The shed layout is still evolving and will be ongoing for a while yet. 
  • The mezzanine level is at the point of being started. Material has been ordered.
  • We have a spray booth and the area for that is being cleared ready for an erection (if anyone gets one ) Cheers Tom

Garage Sale

The committee have claimed the date of Saturday September 9th for a sale at the shed of finished projects as well as surplus tools and the dreaded bolts (sold as individual bins). Any help leading up to the date in presenting neat gear, pricing and displaying it will be appreciated . Don’t wait to be asked by Tom. On Saturday morning we need sellers from 8 to 1pm. Robert will advertise on Facebook, Doug on Gumtree. A few road signs might help too.


  • We are disappointed to lose Floyd Ballard from our ranks. He is in the process of moving to a retirement village at Lake Cattai.
  • Welcome to Mick Maley, who has already done good things for us through Council. An outstanding community worker

Seen at the Shed

This rehab. board was made at the shed and painted by Warren Sanger’s wife.

One of our long term senior members, Terry Mason hasn’t lost his love of our shed.

Our most used tool, the dropsaw now set up outside the storeroom.

A teak dressing table about to be delivered

Leon with Warren and Paul busy aircraft building

How many experts does it take to adjust our panel saw?

Some donor has given us a collection of pattern making tools used in sand casting. 
Once this was a serious occupation.
All are made from brass.

Adrian has performed a great transformation of this oak table.

I think Tom refurbed this 70s Teak Veneered table (Ed)

Incidentally I have just tidied up the drill racks. Note the red or blue paint. This tells you where they live ! Remember drills below 4mm are your responsibility. Suggest you lock them in your pocket.

We are fortunate to have as a new member Glen Cox with a flair for cabinet manufacture.

Glen at work on something more mundane !

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