August 2020 Newsletter

President's Report

August 2020

There is no doubt members of the Coffs Harbour Community Men’s Shed share a facility the envy of most Sheds Australia wide. This has been achieved by the forward thinking and dedication of a few members long before I came on the scene. I am not going to even try to name them as I would be sure to miss someone.

As current members we can give these members our respect and thanks by treating the shed and equipment with our greatest care. 

It has been very rewarding to see some of our members step out of their comfort zone and carry out commission jobs. I was most impressed by 2 of these jobs that were done. I would encourage members to take advantage of the tools and machinery and most of all the skills of other members. Remember a job for the Shed helps to keep our Shed going.

I would like the quality of our work to be the best possible. If you are working on a job, step back have a look at it. Can it be improved, how can I do it better?  Time is not a factor.  I would prefer to have you do it over. You will certainly reap the benefits. Even if it is only for yourself. Michelangelo was never happy with anything he did.

Please if you have time on your hands, even a few minutes. Grab a vacuum and do a little cleaning. Throw rubbish out. I would like to give my special thanks in this time of pandemic to Peter Jackson who has taken on the task of sanitisation. Thank you Peter.

Remember this pandemic is still  a problem. Don’t take it lightly. Follow the guidelines, I shouldn’t have to tell you what they are.

Enjoy our Shed enjoy our fellowship. Most of all stay happy and healthy.

President Tom Skinner

From the Manager's Desk

Current active memberships stand at 187 for 2020~2021.

The machine repair whiteboard is working, keep up the good work, if you come across a broken or malfunctioning machine report it to Ken or Tom to be added to the white board, if a tool you are using malfunctions or a blade breaks please report it, so we can get it repaired in a timely manner.

We have a few new members joining the shed, please make them welcome and included in the shed, it is not easy coming into the shed among people you don't know, especially someone who has been isolated for a while, making that first move to come to the shed is hard, but as members we all know the benefit of coming to our shed. Making people welcome the first couple of weeks is very important for their continued attendance at the shed.

Jobs going out this month are some of our biggest projects - white lounge furniture for Pamela, painted by Ken, a special chest of drawers for Christine, stripped and sanded by Ian, stained and lacquered by Glen, has turned out great I am sure she will be well pleased by our efforts. Tom's refurbished Roll Top Desk was a complete dismantle and rebuild, shellac finish, back to it's original condition, looks fantastic. I am sure Murray's daughter is going to be over the moon with it when she receives it.

As always "do a Job Sheet" before beginning any job, or it will cost you.

Membership for 2020/2021, time is running out to get paid up. After September 30 your membership will have lapsed and you will have to submit a new member application and be re-inducted on the machinery.

Robert Houston

2020 ~ 2021 Membership Fees

Membership is now due for the current financial year (July 2020 to June 2021). This years fee is $60 which is still an absolute bargain. Remember, you must be a paid up member to use the shed facilities. Email notification will be sent out shortly, if not already. Let's get the shed back to full swing.

Payment due by 31st August.

Logo Design Competition

This is the current logo for the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed. It was designed By our manager Robert and has been used over the years as our primary logo.

The Shed now is conducting a competition for a new logo design. It doesn't have to be polished, or colour accurate, but could be innovative, a play on the initials, a better graphic underneath etc. We are offering a $50 Bunnings Gift Voucher to whoever comes up with a clever, usable design. The competition will run for a few months but will be decided upon when a suitable logo is submitted, or time runs out.

If you have something to suggest, or a design to submit, send it to Robert at the shed, or to me (Ray) using the links below.

Happy drawing...

Robert's Email

Ray's Email

For all to see

Newly painted yellow lines have been painted around machinery as safety zones. Do not enter these zones when machinery is being utilised by other members. This is for your own safety and must be adhered to.

Garage Sale - Saturday 5th September

The August garage sale was abandoned due to the inability to meet Covid Regulations. Committee members are looking into setting up a proper station for visitors in time for the September Garage Sale Day. Please support this and volunteer to help on the day. 

A Sad Goodbye

Garry Smith, one of our previous members has passed away. There will be a wake at  Glenreagh Recreation Park on Saturday 15 August 2020 at 12 noon.

Paint Paint Paint

The shed currently has an excess of interior and ceiling paint, which is now available free to members. Be quick as this won't last. There is also some 10 litre cans of paving paint available.

Blunt and broken tools

If at any time you come across a tool that is broken, doesn't work, or needs sharpening or replacing, DON'T ignore it, inform the shed manager or committee member. That way the tool can be fixed or replaced asap to keep shedders working. If you break a tool, wear it down, drop it, short circuit it, or any other reason, let us know. Accidents happen, tools wear out, blades need sharpening..

Shed Restorations

Roller desk restored by Tom Skinner

Meet Ian Finn

Ian arrived in Coffs in 1978 and purchased a 30 acre hobby farm in Middle Boambee, after leaving the National Manager's job at Wella Australia. He joined John Plunkett and Alan Hives in the real estate business for the next 30 years. 

He has held many local positions - President of the Toormina P and C, Vice President of John Paul College, President of REI Coffs Harbour Division for 5 years, President of the VAC for 5 years, President of the Deep Sea Fishing Club for 11 years and Ian started the Independent Newspaper. Obviously, Ian loves community involvement.

At home Ian has a complex and large workshop where he makes items from pens to furniture. He involves himself in all aspects of the manufacture, cutting, sanding, shaping, lacquering etc. When he visits the shed he contributes by working on Shed projects which bring in financial returns to the Shed and it's members.

Ian joined the Shed last year. Photos below show some of Ian's latest works, some completed, others still in the process of restoration.

The Shed is very lucky to have such talented members who willingly give their time and expertise to the Shed and it's committment to the local community.

Mud kitchen for Crossmaglen School built by Ian Finn

Upcoming Working Bee

A working bee will be organised sometime soon to clear excess timber and goods that have accumulated over the last 12 months. We need the room. Please put your hand up to help. If we all chip in it won't take long to do and get back to the tools.

Supporters of the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed

The Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed wishes to thank all our supporters, both large and small,
for their ongoing support and generous donations of time and money. 


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