August 2019

President's Report

Ken Ryan
  • Our treasurer, John Gregory, who has held that position for many years, has decided to “hand in” his abacus and has stepped down. John was committed to the establishment of our new shed and he was instrumental in the grant applications which achieved the funding to enable the shed to be built. On behalf of the members of the Coffs Harbour Men’s Shed, I wish John all the best for the future.
  • Due to John’s departure from the role of treasurer, the committee is seeking a replacement and we would like to hear from any member who would be interested in taking on the treasurer’s duties. Initially the term would be up until the AGM in December when all positions on the committee are up for election.
  • There was another successful Garage Sale held on 3rd August. Since we commenced the monthly sale, it has brought in some funding which will benefit the shed. Doug Tysoe has led the way in getting items ready for sale and his enthusiasm is paying dividends. The setting up of the sale is carried out on the Friday afternoon and help is required.
  • The rocking horse raffle is moving along steadily and all members are asked to take a book of tickets to sell. Books are available from the office – see Robert or David. In the past a similar raffle was very lucrative for the shed.
  • The new table saw has been installed and the 2 older ones have been removed. The new saw has features which the operator needs to know about. You must be signed off on this saw before using it. See Glenn, Tom, Baz or Ken for accreditation on the saw.   

Ken Ryan

Shed Manager's Report

  • Tom has started to move the lathes to 45 degrees to the wall, to facilitate cleaning behind and make some more room, the other 2 shall follow shortly. Fitting backing boards also makes them a bit safer to use.
  • The floor painting has been slotted to be done asap, as this is the last section to need painting getting it done is a priority and will help keep some dust down and make clean up easier round the machines.
  • The new airline has finished being installed, the whole shed now has air feeding to it, with the compressors moved outside the shed should be a bit quieter too. You can now use a blow gun or air-nailer from any outlet nearest the bench you are working on.
  • How about the new rip saw, (get inducted, as you can’t use it till you are), reports coming back are it is fantastic, a great upgrade in the shed and the added benefit of a bit more room after moving the 2 antiques out the way.
  • The shed is really busy with commission work and any help to Tom & Barry is appreciated, lots of small repair jobs to help us catch up with the steady influx of jobs, everyone seems in a good frame of mind and very few complaints coming my way, which Is appreciated.
  • As was posted on the Notice Board for a week, Job Sheets need to be completed for every job Before you start, ask in the office for a sheet and keep it with your job till it is completed.

Enjoy Life you only get one go at it.

Robert H.

Donation July 26

This presentation was made on Friday 26th by McGrath Real Estate as part of
their "Community Give Back" program. There were 4 other organisations who
benefitted each receiving $500.

Shedders at work

A look around the shed

How do you use it?  Get inducted..

The local Police visited the Shed

and surprisingly went home empty.

On a Lighter Note

"The Full Monty"
(A possible Fund Raiser)

Given our constant need to make improvements to the Shed why not consider a fund raiser in the form of an all male “The Full Monty” presented by the Shed.   Full Monty is the flavour of the month at the moment and we should get support:-
At the recent highly successful Gala official opening, the Shed proved itself to be an adequate venue for a presentation to an audience of 100 to 150.   With the good representation from CHCC (Mayor included) we should have no qualms about the suitability of the venue.
A similar layout could be used, given the Orchestra Pit has already been proven and the stage area could be extended and take pride of place.   The need for a curtain needs to be discussed but Neville Colligan with his contacts at Spotlight should be able to sort this out at no cost
Our highly trained and proven bar staff could dispense the champagne and white wine and nibbles with the aplomb they displayed at the opening.   Tony Winter and Ron Braun were excellent but may have other duties on the night.
No doubt Ken Ryan would contact Margaret Bonfield for the loan of the portable bar and stage and Margaret could be a good source of seeking attendees.
The bar area location may have to be reviewed given the need of the back stage area for our players and also the requirements for costumery and make up.   Nan Cowling, with input from Les, could be an excellent source of inspiration for these tasks.
Given his ancestry, Robert Houston could make an excellent choreographer and Baz could take The Men’s Shed Orchestra to new heights and give the musical background required.
It appears about 8 strippers are required and there are some obvious stand outs and characters. Tom Skinner, Scott Mullen, Ken Ryan, Andrew Ryan, Alan Larkin, Brian Franklin, Peter Jackson, Ron Braun, Wayne Crivelone, Mick Maley and big Graham Campbell come immediately to mind.   If we are short of “talent” maybe outside players like Warren Skinner, Mick Raby, Peter Crawford and Paul Kelly could be considered.   With this nucleus of possible presenters we should be able to develop a cohesive professional review.
The actual costumery, including sun glasses, needs some input to help Nan and Les but somehow we have to incorporate our blue polo shirts.   We have no official hat but maybe a jockey hat could be considered.   We will probably have to source penile prostheses given the need to give our audience a more outstanding display.
These are just a few broad thoughts for a fund raiser and costing, timing, invitees etc needs to be considered.   Possibly Clive Longstaff should be involved to ensure the correct protocol is observed.   The stand out MC is Louis Cauz helped by Glenn Cox.   No doubt a committee would sort out a few details like female toilets, security, parking, PA system etc.
This presentation was given lengthy consideration by the committee at the August monthly meeting for fully 2 or 3 minutes before it was decided not to run with it.    However with the need for fund raising it was suggested an all male Men’s Shed calendar could be considered given the amount of talent in the Shed.

(submitted by a Committee Member with a sense of humour)

Supporters of the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed

The Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed wishes to thank all our supporters, both large and small, for their ongoing support and generous donations of time and money.


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