December 2015 Newsletter

General Business

  • The Building Committee are happy with Council progress towards our new Shed. The large grant of $67,000 has been extended until late February.
  • I have been asked to remind you about injury records. The register book is now in the First Aid box for all incidents. It is planned that a qualified First Aid member is on hand each day of the week. Peter and Graham have returned to the shed in a healthier condition but Col was not well enough to attend the party. 
  • Peter Jacko has been doing some metal fabricating in the shed lately. Bets are being taken on the
  • date of the fire. 
  • Nice work Bill Tindal with the electrode drier.

What's Happening...

Not a lot of news forthcoming as the shed winds down for Christmas. It will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Otherwise work can proceed as long as 2 members are present in the workshop (OHS).

What a great night out with the Christmas Party for 40 members. Special thanks to John Bambey who did most of the legwork (no pun intended) to make it run smoothly. Thanks also to the CEX club for great food and extra help after the deluge.

How many of us learnt about the devastating effect of bias on the bowls. No serious injuries were reported. Great to see Russ Lincoln showing his expertise.

Glad to have Don Black back in town with a big smile on his face. His wife will join him soon.

Woodworker of the Year Award

The award for Worker of the Year went deservedly to Tony Goninan. He didn’t realise that he made his own trophy. Thanks Tony for sending me the party photos which should have been forwarded to you all. Les also neglected his wife to get good photos. I think they are on the Facebook site.

On the Floor

Would you buy a used car from this man ?

Hardwood Table

Nice mobile Fred...

Super Block

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