December 2018 Newsletter

Presidents Message

On the 10th December we received the Building Certificate from council which was issued by Joseph Kane, council’s Compliance Officer. The certificate was issued after we had completed all work in the building to comply with various Building Code of Australia requirements. The efforts of Tom Skinner, Barry Guest, Robert Houston, Glenn Cox, Brian Franklin and John Humphries were major contributors in completing the necessary work to achieve certification. A big thank you to them from all the members.

The Bunnings sausage sizzle day on the 1st December was very successful grossing about $2,200 with a profit of around $1,500. Good effort by all who volunteered, especially Robert who pulled it all together with only a couple of days notice from Bunnings.

The Men’s Shed Christmas Party was held on 11th December and a very enjoyable time was had by all. Thanks to Ken Howe and Ray Meyer for organizing the evening.

The AGM was held on 12th December with good attendance and the majority of the previous committee re-elected along with a couple of new members. Congratulations to all committee members and I look forward to working with them in 2019.

Another addition to the shed is the shelter in the garden area with a BBQ area included. A great “engineering” feat by Jacko to complete the shed erection in time for the AGM sausage sizzle.

The car parking area has been marked out with 12 spaces which includes one disabled space. When attending the shed please park in the marked spaces. 

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy 2019.

From the Shed Manager's Desk

Members will have noticed by now that the car park is now properly marked for parking. The space reserved for Disabled Persons is clearly marked and must not be used for any other purpose. The area to the right of this spot must also be kept clear...

Healthy Donation from McGrath R/E


Good Morning Ken & Dave,

It was so lovely to meet you both this morning and again thank you so much for the amazing work you do for the community!! It is an absolute pleasure and honour to be able to give to such an amazing and deserving community group. Please see attached the photo from this morning. A great photo at that!! I have also attached our logo.

Ms Rebecca Harrington, McGrath Real Estate
1/57 First Avenue, Sawtell 2452


Dear Rebecca,

On behalf of the members and committee of the Coffs Harbour Community Men’s Shed Inc., we wish to thank you and McGrath Real Estate, Sawtell, for your very generous donation of Five Hundred Dollars to ourselves. This donation will be used to extend our services to members and Coffs Harbour Community. We feel that the work we do is of great benefit to the community as a whole, and the support of individuals, organizations and business houses, such as yours extends beyond our shed.
Be assured that your kind donation will be well used. The great photos you have sent will be published in our
newspaper that goes to all members as well as our great supporters in the community. 

Thank you once again.

Bob White, Secretary
Coffs Harbour Community Men’s shed Inc.
22 November 2018


On December 11th Members and partners were treated to an afternoon of a 10 pin bowling session, prior to a sit-down dinner at Mardonna's Restaurant. Feedback was tremendous as shedders and their partners dropped ball after ball down the lanes. Craig Melrose top scored with 189 - a great score for an amateur bowler. It didn't take much coaxing to get everyone bowling. Some finger food was provided, and members replaced their sweaty efforts with plenty of cold drinks (the alcoholic kind).

After dinner Ken Ryan thanked all members for a full year of hard work, and awarded Tom Skinner the "2018 Shed Member of the Year". Special Mention was also given to Dave Churchyard, Robert Houston and himself for the tireless effort and time given to the smooth running of the shed.

agm 2018

December 12, 2018 - The annual General Meeting was held to inform members of the current financial state of the shed, plus to elect the 2019 Committee. Ken Ryan spoke of the performance and growth of the past year, personally thanking all involved in the running of the shed, the various roles performed by members, finishing off the mezzanine area, fund collecting, cleaning, building, commissioned works, Information Technology, gardens etc. Treasurer John Gregory compared the last 2 years of trading, and Doug Simpson then announced the new Committee Members. 2 changes were the appointment of Assistant Secretary to Tony Winter, with Robert Houston stepping down, and Tom Skinner as the new Vice President, with Graham Miller stepping back. Warren Sanger also joined the Committee.

After the meeting, members were shouted a delicious "sausage sizzle"
in the new "Barbeque Hut" which was finished the day before.

Miller Time

Graham Miller has made great progress by removing the weeds and tilling the soil, while shedders are planting vegetables. On the decoration side, donated Kangaroo Paws are planted around the rock garden, and chip bark has been spread to minimise weed re-growth. The barbeque (donated by Bunnings has been moved into position by Rob and Ken. Soon we'll have a roof to finish off the rest area.

Mezzanine Update

Ken finishing off the architraves, and new handrail for the steps

Painting the handrail, and new safety tread mats at both ends

Toormina Gardens Market Stall

Christmas is coming and Ken took the opportunity to show wares from the Shed to prospective buyers. Bread boards are always in demand, but Alan's Doll Houses are particularly good at stopping mum's in their tracks. The amount of first class craftsmanship cannot be denied. We have run a market stall every month for the last 3 months, which returns some funds to the kitty, but is also a great Public Relations exercise as many brochures are taken.

Barbeque Installed

The Barbeque area is nearly finished. Tom, Rob and Alan enjoying some sunshine.

Men's Shed has a baby

And no women were involved! As the garden grows, so does the need to have tools handy, We purchase a galv shed, read the instructions, put some of it together, re-read the instructions, then finished the job. When it comes to screwing things together, you can always rely on a Shedder! The 'baby' shed was positioned outside next to the deco rock, and will no doubt fill up with gardening tools.

Barbeque Area Roof Assembly

Bunnings Barbeque a great success

Selling 60kg of cooked sausages, members raised over $2000 at the latest Bunnings Barbeque Sizzle on Dec 1st. Thanks to all who participated. The weather was great, the mood was excellent, and the buyers happy.

Around the Shed

Tom has been working tirelessly on this retro desk. Other shedders are busy working on their own projects.

Doug has finished repairing and restoring this beautiful glass cabinet, while Ray is making a timber jewellery box from this solid piece of timber. Here Ray is shaping the lid to the base to form a smooth edge.

Ron drew quite a crowd when he was putting the last legs on his "Nativity" Cradle together. 
Question is, what was going on?
Well, I think there are at least three possible captions to these photos - you choose the one you like....

Ron Braun leads a tutorial on "How to build a cradle"
How many tools does it take to build a small wooden box with legs?
This Christmas "Nativity" cradle needs 3 Wise Men to finish the Bethlehem scene.

Graham Evelyn restored the outside of this metal trunk back to an original condition. A coat of yellow paint was stripped off, and the metal cleaned and lacquered to this nice gloss finish.

Barry Guest was given a doll's house, hand made by the client's Great Grandfather. He was tasked with making a replica for another family member. As can be seen by this pic he was very successful. 
Well done Barry.

Caught in the Act

Graham "Hogs" A Workbench

When finished this 'bare bones' bike will be a replica of a 1962 Harley-Davidson Pan Head. Graham Evelyn has used all his resources to build this model using plastic, metal and wood. Lots of patience and lots of sanding required. His bike design comes straight from photos and memory so it will be interesting how close he gets to the original.


A little bit of inventiveness has replaced a bike chain with a small chain necklace. The chain above has been sprayed black, and fitted to a custom made gear to replicate the Harley Drive Train.

Progress: November 2018

The Chassis has been shaped, sanded, sprayed and lacquered. Each part has been made individually, and is slowly being put together.

Finished at last! 

Graham is extremely proud of the finished Harley Davidson Pan Head (Circa 1960) model, and already has his sights set on his next model. The photo in the garden is a Photoshop impression of Graham's model in a tropical garden setting.

From the Net

This is a genuine Harley Davidson Pan Head circa 1960's. Custom designs make each HOG individual, but the base design shows.

Talk about your feet

Mark Sullivan has a Degree in Podiatry, and a Graduate Certificate in diabetes education and management. On Thursday 6th December Mark visited the shed to give members a talk on "What Podiatry is, and management of diabetes and how it relates to the feet and how Gait relates to the feet."

The talk was well received, with Mark passing on many insights about foot ailments and conditions, causes, effects, cures and remedies. The connection between diabetes was shown, and Mark talked about the vascular system, deep vein thrombosis, fungal issues, cramps and much more. Members asked many questions, and Mark followed the talk with inspection of a couple of issues by some Shedders.

We wish to thank Mark for his time and enlightenment, and also want to thank Ken Howe for organising this lecture for the Shed Members.

Mark Sullivan can be contacted on 66992828. He is open Monday to Friday at his "ProStep Podiatry" office in suite 4, 30 Orlando Street (in the Cruickshank Centre). On Fridays, Mark is available at the Toormina Medical Centre.

Supporters of the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed

The Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed wishes to thank all our supporters, both large and small,
for their ongoing support and generous donations of time and money. 

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