February 2017 Newsletter

What's NEW

Members were disappointed to hear of the resignation of Robert Houston as shed manager. During his 4+ years in this position, Robert has borne the brunt of all immediate challenges within the shed and organised suitable solutions. The phone rings incessantly, and all visitors seem intent on having Robert’s ear even if a queue is obvious.

Thank you Robert (and Deidre) from the members for your great work over this time. We will have to learn to share his responsibilities with the transfer to the new shed imminent. We hope your days will be comparatively stress free but look forward to you passing on your “ know how” to a new team of administrators.
Robert has reportedly offered to come in on Mondays and Fridays.

Shown above is the team lead by builder Robert Shone and Rotary members who plastered the non work areas of the new shed last Saturday. Thanks to all volunteers. Some morning helpers are absent – these are the sausage eaters.

Late Mail 
  • We have been invited to Bunnings again this Saturday to do the sausage sandwich thing. Dave would love to get a few more volunteers even if only for a 2 hour shift.
  • Tom Skinner has been wounded by a stationary turning chisel. Unfortunately he had apparently just sharpened it, and it attacked a right hand finger doing damage to a tendon. We miss your smiling face Tom - Come back soon.
  • We had a break in at the new shed last week. Two LED ceiling lights worth $300 each were stolen. It shows how vulnerable we are to forced entry at such a remote site. Plans are in place for better security.
  • During lunch a few days later, at the “Table of Wisdom” a few ideas were floated to deter thieves. Razor wire, back to base alarms, better lighting etc were all mentioned. Attack dogs were thought to be a good idea until some naysayer thought they would be sedated by the thieves with a lobbed meat projectile. New member Warren Sanger foiled this by suggesting VEGETARIAN Dobermans !

Guide Dog Guidelines

Mat Preo’s new guide dog “BOSS” has been awarded honorary membership of the Mens Shed. His owner has made strict conditions for his times in the shed :

  • Please don’t feed him
  • You can pat him WHEN HE’S NOT IN HARNESS !
  • Please check his water. There are some clumsy feet nearby.
  • Try not to drop food on the floor during Smoko
  • He loves TLC and attention.
  • A shed blue saddle cloth should arrive soon.


We are now providing a presence at the Coffs Central Hub on Thursdays only. Sales have not been too exciting, but the PR need is still there. You may volunteer on the sheet at the kitchen door (2 needed).


Thanks to Beaumont Tiles for their donation of tiles for the kitchen and wet areas of the new shed.
Also to Boral for their donation of Villaboard and Gyprock. Some shedders learnt to drive the borrowed screw gun with varying degrees of success last Saturday.

Cleaning Roster

Dave Churchyard 3/3
Wayne Crivellone 10/3
Bill Tindal 17/3
John Gregory 24/3
Mark Dunn 31/3
Graham Miller 7/4


I have spent a few hours this week re-entering your email addresses after Telstra/ Outlook cleverly lost them. If you are reading the shed paper copy and haven’t caught this by email I’m sorry. Please send me a message.

New Members

Welcome new members 
Bob Wood
Neville Ellis
Warren Sanger
Toby Lucas
Peter and Israel Davies. 
Enjoy the facilities.


This hardwood stool / table setting was made by Barry Guest as a commission job for a pre school. 
Excellent work – more to come.

New member Neville Ellis at work tidying up the shed ute. Downsizing from semis in retirement.

Scissor Lift 101 starring Bill and Jacko. 
Note the instruction books. 
Both survived the ascent without impaling the roof.

Wayne Crivellone displays one of his trinket boxes which will be donated as a charity fund raiser .

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