February 2018 Newsletter

Presidents Message

Ken Ryan

Some large commission projects have been completed recently resulting in both credit and financial benefits to the Shed. Congratulations to the members involved.  A good reputation for the Shed will be an encouragement to potential new members. 

It is pleasing to see several members working towards putting a band together.  We have many talented members in our Shed. I have been asked to put out a request to obtain a drummer’s stool.  If you can help, please let me know. 

The restructure of Shed management has added to the smooth running of the Shed. (See panel bottom left.)  The areas which still need attention from all members are the thorough cleaning of work areas before leaving, the proper cleaning of machinery after use so as to be ready for the next member and advising the section manager immediately you become aware of any machine failure/breakdown.  Your cooperation will be much appreciated. 

Could I also ask again please that lathes and other machines always be left ready for the next user? 

A note relating to owner and date attached would help for non-stored projects. 

Finally I have pleasure in welcoming new members Max Blundell, Kane Browning, Aaron Campbell, Jim Cleal, Rod Deighton, Graham Green, Shane Heffernan, John Hobbs, Kevin Howe, Daniel Jeffcoat, Tom Maxwell, Greg Parker, Sean Tilyard, Ian Warburton, Terry Wilson and Graeme Wright.

Cheers   ……………………….   Ken Ryan 


We seem to be going into a phase of consolidation in the new Shed with all systems working adequately, at ground level anyway. Work on the mezzanine level continues, with insulation now complete. 

Insulation complete 

Ken and Wayne have installed a neat ceiling fan in the kitchen. Quotes have been obtained for airconditioning on the mezzanine level, but the Committee is yet to come to a final decision on this. Ducting from the spray booth is being installed by Coffs Plumbing, making the unit enviro. and  OH & S compliant.  Owing to construction delays a date for our Opening Day is still to be settled. 

Installation of ducting 

The latest forecast for NBN connection (including telephone landline) is during the last half of March.   There have been weather delays but Ken is reasonably confident after having sighted workers doing trenching. 

Community Help

Our Committee has always worked on the notion of assisting worthy causes in the area after the outstanding financial help in funding the Shed received from locals.  The nearby Autistic school has already been a beneficiary. 

The efforts of David Churchyard and Robert Houston, who during January helped to organise a raffle of a dolls house made in the Shed to raise funds for a small girl suffering a very severe life threatening and incurable condition, are much appreciated. 

A total of $470 was raised and presented to the family along with other fundraising within the community. 

Workshop News

Managers report a continuing problem with workers (some) failing to report damage to and breakdown of machinery. Inoperable bandsaws and sanding machines are a repeating problem.  Another concern is the failure to leave benches and machines clean before departure. 

These have been Shed problems for years and are unhappily common in all Sheds.  (Mum can’t do it because she won’t wear safety footwear!) 

Bob Newhaus 

Wayne and Peter during spray booth wash area construction 


A group of Shedders is planning to start a band. With about four guitars under construction, other members have been persuaded to revive old musical talents on such other instruments as drums and keyboards. Bagpipe membership is still under discussion.

The mezzanine area will be available for jam sessions.  Extras welcome.  

As previously reported a drummer stool is needed (See Ken Rowe or Zultan.) 


As we go to press, Thursday 8 March is reserved for our next barbecue. Commencing at midday, the best hamburgers on Howard will be available FREE OF CHARGE. Always a great social occasion at the Shed.  

Try to be there. 

Shed Activities

'Scotty' with his latest piece

Some 28 members attended the lecture given this month by the Fire Brigade

Peter Davies with a church pew end

Robert working on some restaurant menu holders

Matt in his new powered chair

John Humphrey lining up steel table legs

Member Profile - Warren Sanger

I was born at Macksville on New Year’s Day 1945 after sharing accommodation with my twin brother for nine months prior to the event. Home was Eungai Creek area.  I attended primary school there and then went on to Macksville High where I gained my Leaving Certificate. 

Moved to Sydney and became employed in the Finance Industry until the Government said "We want you in the army".  So in July 1965 I marched off to National Service for two years and had to leave “the gum trees by the road side and willows by the creek” for a while.( reminds me of a song). 

Now this is the most important part of my life.  Whilst on leave from National Service I started to show interest in Miss Macksville and she in me to some degree.  Well wouldn’t you know it, we were soon husband and wife and I say I have been a very fortunate man to have a wife like Jane.  We have three sons, David, Paul and Ben. 
On finishing National Service I moved to Newcastle with my civilian employer. 

During my employment we spent time on the Central Coast and in Tamworth. However in 1981 we moved back to Coffs where I opened a new branch for the NSW Building Society.  In 1985 NSW Building Society became a Bank and I remained with Advance Bank until the mi-1990s when I left and started a Mortgage Brokering business working in partnership with Jane until we retired some three years ago. 

Did I tell you I received a “B” pass for woodwork in my Leaving Certificate?  It is now great to be able to put to work at the Men’s Shed what I learnt at school.  If only I could remember.   But no worries as there is always someone at the Shed who can help. 


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