February 2019

President's Report

by Ken Ryan

Ken Ryan
Welcome to 2019. The year has started well with a BUNNINGS sausage sizzle and our first GARAGE SALE on Saturday 2nd February. This will be an ongoing event to be held on the first Saturday of each month. The items for sale will include items made at the shed specifically for sale and any surplus tools/equipment the shed has. All members are invited to attend the sale as the first one was well attended and a social atmosphere was evident with Dave Churchyard providing goodies from the BBQ. These two events netted approximately $2,000.
The mezzanine floor is now completed and member’s projects in progress are to be stored in the end room which has been set-up with shelving etc to store items.
An official opening day for the shed is currently being negotiated with the events section of Coffs Harbour City Council. The event will be held in May (date to be advised) and will include the official opening and open days for the community.
The large thicknesser has been replaced by a more reliable machine with an easier operating procedure. For accreditation on the machine, please see Tom or Ken.

Shed Report

Rob Houston
  • If you missed it, members have been busy finishing the permanent shop front. A new page is now on the website highlighting some of our excellent products for sale. The shop is open Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm, so spread the word. The shop is a great way to raise much needed funds that help members and the community.
  • The on-going job of painting the floor will re-commence shortly. At an agreed date, the floor will be cleared, and acid washed, with the floor painted on the following day. This work will be carried out at the end of the week, Thursday and Fridays, to leave the floor to dry properly over the weekend. Capable members will be asked to help on these days. Obviously, the selected area will be roped off till painting completed.
  • O H & S: Fire drills are to be carried out at very short notice.
  • Leads on the sanding bench's at the back of the shed need to be rolled up and put away after use, so as to not cause a trip hazard. It was suggested that droppers be hung from the roof to stop trailing leads.
  • The Graphics for the Honour wall has been approved and will be printed asap. The Honour wall is inside the new shop area for all to view.
  • Dads in Distress held an initial meeting at the shed Tuesday night (6.30-9-15) attended by Dave Churchyard and 5 members from DiD. We have agreed on a 4-6 week trial. There could be some benefits for the shed aligning with this group of men and assisting with meeting premises.

Shed Garden

The garden area has been established, and a few rules need to be applied:

  • If you want to plant something, seek permission from the Garden Manager / Office

  • If you plant it, you must take care of it, including regular watering and weeding

  • Remove any rubbish after the plants have finished their season (as the case may be)

Wanted: A Garden Manager

Position available for a shed member to oversee management of the gardens.

If you're interested, talk to Robert in the Office

African Drums

Would you like to learn how to make African Karyenda drums?
African Karyenda drums

Five years ago I offered to make a new set of drums for the Burundian Drumming group in Coffs but only managed to knock out one prototype in all that time. Although the prototype was not made using traditional methods, the drumming group claimed it looked totally authentic and sounded as good as the drums back in Africa. The Burundian drumming group is a not for profit group and on the occasions they charge for their services, the money is usually spent on accommodation and transport. The prototype made at the shed was played at parliament house with the Prime Minister looking on. The aim is to make another five drums out of coachwood using jigs which already exist. No cost is involved only a willingness to learn some new skills and have a good time.

If you are interested contact Trevor on: 0487962033

Model Making News

A letter from new Shedder Leslie Rogers

Hi members, I have just joined the Men's Shed and was wondering whether anyone is interested in model building. I have some skills in this hobby having produced articles and models for web sites and magazines. I had in mind tuition to build a admiralty style yacht of the Bounty or the Endeavour or similar 17th and 18th century ships.

This is just a thought as you can build models of anything - cars, tanks, planes or buildings. I have attempted them all. 

If interested I can arrange a date at the shed to show examples and plans to any who may have a desire to build a model.

Leslie G Rogers


Garage Sale

On Saturday 2nd February we had our first regular Garage Sale / Open Day. 
Plenty of locals dropped in and sales were good, plenty of Shedders attended to help,
and it was a most relaxing atmosphere.





Around the shed

A busy period after the Christmas holidays saw many shedders back on the tools.
Ghost Ben

Camera Shy

I approached Ben to photograph his project for the newsletter, but Ben wasn't sure whether he wanted to be in print. I offered to disguise him, maybe as a goat or other animal head, but he said he preferred a ghost figure, as he "likes ghosts". A little Photoshop knowledge came to mind and this is the result. I hope you like it, Ben...

Bee keeping

Bee Keeping

It seems that we have a hive right next to the barbeque area. Doug and Scotty dress appropriately to handle the 'search for the Queen'. Spectators gathered by the fence, hoping not to be stung. Barry, if you didn't already know, makes hives for himself, and for sale, as well as helping relocate hives if requested.

Singer sewing machine

Singer Remake

A Singer sewing machine with a makeover, and new solid timber top.

toilet paper

On a roll

Shedders complaining of lack of toilet paper will welcome the new storage device for the rolls. Members must be 2 metres tall to use.

short saw i

Short Saw

A short saw is now available for small jobs, or can be used in confined spaces, or by little people, or short tempered people...

Perambulator Fixed

A doll's perambulator in for repair and renewal..

donated shelving

New Shelves for Shop

Ken led the team to break down some of the donated shelving and repurpose them as shelving for our permanent shop inside the shed.

grapeseed oil

board oiling

Before selling the kitchen boards they are oiled with grapeseed oil to protect the timber.

timber frame

timber frame

A nicely finished timber frame, Not sure what the end product is.

chair repair

chair repair

Tom putting the final touches to this chair repair. It's seems there is nothing Tom can't do well.

fixing this wooden chair.

chair repair

Terry has a crack at fixing this wooden chair. His jokes aren't as good as Tom's.



Bob is using the French Polishing mehod of "Shellacing" this timber drawer.

garden settee

garden chair

All good timber products need some TLC when finishing. Here this garden settee is being sanded prior to painting.

model timber boats

timber toys

Some model timber boats after being sprayed in the paint booth.

Mezzanine floor

mezzanine update

Painting the Mezzanine floor to finish off the rooms.

Tom's Amazing Table Restoration

by Tom Skinner
antique occasional table

"This antique occasional table was brought in to the shed. The owner, one of our regular customers, wanted to know if it was worth fixing. I thought the table would date from around the late 1800's to the early 1900's.

The marquetry on the top was amazing. Having a closer look really showed the skill of the craftsman. Photos don’t do it justice. Apart from the top it was mounted on a barley twist island leg and tripod base. I explained to the owner that it needed to be restored. While it was in a very bad state, if it was destroyed it would be part of history gone never to be replaced. While something similar could be made the age and history could not. A search on the net and antique books that I have and can’t find a similar table. That is not unusual though."

Cheers Tom Skinner 

Editors Note: You may hate his jokes, but this man obviously has some talent. 

Ray Meyer

Finished Goods

Photos of finished timber goods. Some items are for sale, other items are finished customer jobs.

Garden Settee

Rocking Horses

large timber truck

old style rocking chair

Supporters of the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed

The Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed wishes to thank all our supporters, both large and small,
for their ongoing support and generous donations of time and money. 


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