July 2016 Newsletter

What's Happening

  • Tony Goninan made a very informative presentation on 2AIR FM recently. Questioned by Col Daisley, Tony gave a thorough history of the shed, explaining our purpose and objectives. Very impressive, and hopefully resulting in further membership and donations. A transcript of the interview is on disc and may be distributed to future members to preserve our history and plans.

  • A big fundraiser for the year will be the Rocking Horse Raffle. It is a great reward for the craftsmanship of all who helped build it. All members will be asked to sell at least one book of tickets (6 x $2 or 6 for $10). The raffle will be drawn at the opening of the new shed (December ?)

  • The demonstration of SORBY lathe turning tools last week seemed to be very successful. Outsiders swelled the ranks to about 30 for the night . Ken Ryan won the “super” chisel and kindly donated it to the shed.

  • At the general meeting recently, Treasurer John Gregory set out the future direction of the shed, with objectives to aim to. His presentation was very professional and made clear the challenges to be faced before we inhabit the new shed. You may be able to follow his sums on the display. He speaks of the cadre of about 20 members performing most of the work and fundraising. We have about 85 on the books .
  • Our long term benefactor Warren Skinner from the Pier Hotel has announced that we will again get the benefits from the Calcutta at the Coffs Cup this year. He has made a generous donation with tickets for us this year and Ken Howe who has facilitated this fund raiser again has suggested that members form a syndicate with any winnings going to the shed fund. Closing date is August 3.

  • We had another visit from the Lionesses who provided a great morning tea as well as a generous donation of $500 to the shed fund. Love those scones.
  • A fork lift truck has been donated by Eagles Plumbing. It will be invaluable in our moving to the new shed. Its gas bottle power source was donates by R.P. Materials Handling. Thanks for the support and Jacko’s shed for storage.
  • We have also inherited a 2 post car hoist ! More details later.
  • Tony will organise delivery of a near new fridge and freezer for the new shed this week. Thanks to my old boss Don Bruce now living at Freedom.
  • A recent idea is to make a database (list) of members and their skills to point amateurs in the right direction with their projects. Don’t be modest – tell us of your skills gained over your working life. Some old skills are dying and need passing on. Others like I.T. are of great benefit for everyone.


John Johnson is churning out clever cube within cube structures

Tony Goninan has created this car club plaque

New younger member Zahid with a mouse house

Fancy dolls houses from Matt Preo. He has now graduated to rustic picture frames

Good to see big Graham back at work

By the way

  • Scotty has been unable to find his H.S.S. lathe turning chisel. If you know its whereabouts, please let him know (and avoid a solid enema !)
  • Please respect WARNING signs re. faulty machinery. Notices are there for a purpose. Ignoring or removal will be treated very seriously.
  • Membership grey period is fast coming to an end. No $40, means no admittance.
  • If you bring a visitor, please advise them beforehand of our solid shoes policy. It’s pretty boring seeing the workshop from the office area.
  • The visitors cups are just that and should be pristine.
  • The travelling bed sander has just had its feed rollers cleaned of junk. Please don’t remove old paint or glue with this machine.

Member Profile - Russ Lincoln

Russ Lincoln was born at Dubbo, 72 years ago. His Grandparents were on the land and Dad was a motor mechanic. He completed the Intermediate Certificate after attending Dubbo Primary and High Schools. He speaks of a love for tennis and cricket at school (“an excellent fielder”).

In 1959, he started an electrical apprenticeship, with training work on houses and local schools. An English mate persuaded him to go to Britain after the apprenticeship where he spent a year, but he returned from Hertfordshire to his sweetheart Rhonda in Dubbo with wider electrical experience.

In 1970, the now married Lincolns, decided to break away from the Central West and decided on Coffs. Russ remembers the furniture trailer deluged by flooding rains en route.

During 30 years at Coffs, Russ worked for Doug Knight Electrical, later in partnership. 2 girls kept the parents busy at various addresses in Coffs culminating in a new home at Avocado Heights where they enjoyed horse ownership and 5 grandkids.

Russ was a sport fanatic, with his Sundays spent at Bowls then League or Union in the afternoon. Kit Carson was a long term sport partner. He played competitive bowls with the RSL then Woolgoolga.

Much of Russ’s later life involved the Rotary club, where he was appointed President in 1995. The Lincolns hosted 13 exchange students and did voluntary work on the Solomon Islands. He and Rhonda did lots of caravanning and well deserved overseas touring.

We have appreciated his presence at the Mens Shed for about 3 + years. Despite suffering Parkinsons Disease for many years, Russ has kept active in the shed with restorations and constructions. He looks forward to our new abode in Howard Street and will no doubt have some ideas for its electrical fitout.

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