July 2020 Newsletter

President's Report

July 2020

Our shed is finally getting back to some normality. The shut down has been a great loss to the members, both socially and mentally.

The main objects of the shed relate to men’s health and well- being. These aims have been thrown into disarray by the simple fact we could not meet. While I fully support our State Government in their decisions it has been a blow to our shed.

We need to follow the guidelines given to us. While they are a little ambiguous at times, good common sense is the key. It is vital we record our attendance at the shed. The arrival and departure times. Names need to be written legibly.  If a member contracts the virus, we need to know who has been in contact with that member.

While we are now opening to a normal situation please, where possible keep your social distancing. Use the provided hand cleanser. Do not take unnecessary risks. This crisis is not over.

Out of all situations some benefits can come to the fore. Ken Ryan and myself have had the time to organise our work load. We have around 50 jobs in the pipeline, some dating back a while. It is not as daunting as first thought as a few of these jobs are small. I am hoping with a little help, some of our members will be able to step out of their comfort zones and do these jobs.

We have to thank our Federal and State Governments for financial support to make further improvements to our shed. Our new dust extractor is working well, thanks to a Federal Government grant. We have a DA into the Coffs Harbour City Council to change the usage of the mezzanine area. A grant from the State Government has enabled us to plan these changes.

Pat Conaghan, our Federal member, told us at a recent visit, our shed is the best in his electorate. His belief is the objects of Men’s Sheds is vital to the community.

We have received another very generous donation from Nan and Les Cowling. The financial support they have given to our shed leaves me in awe. Thank you Nan and Les.

The support from local businesses also has to be acknowledged. It is a credit to Coffs Harbour as a whole that our Men’s Shed is one that sets an example, as to what can be achieved by people with a combined belief in something vital to the community.

It is my hope that in the near future we will be able to expand the activities at the shed. Art and computer programmes are some ideas put forward.

I would like to thank our members for the support given to me. Without that support my position would be unbearable.

President Tom Skinner

From the Manager's Desk

The Shed is now fully operational, it will be great to see members return to the shed.

We have a Covid plan in place which includes:
  • Sign in station at the door with a mandatory Covid form to be completed before entry. Please don't come if you have symptoms or have been in contact with a person with Covid or been to a hotspot. All this is covered in the form.
  • 4m square area per person in the Shed
  • 1.5m social distancing.

Also, If you are wanting to do your own job, the following rules still apply:
  • 1.Submit a job sheet form before commencement.
  • 2.Pay $10 per job (as a guide), $30 without a job sheet. Covers consumables, maintenance and replacement of equipment.
  • 3.Pay for materials eg. wood, hinges, handles etc.

A new Notice Board will be available to write any problems experienced with equipment. Often people forget, are too embarrassed or can't find an appropriate person to tell. There is nothing worse than going to use some equipment and it doesn't work. Tom and the committee work hard to maintain equipment so that members can have a hassle free experience. This only works with your cooperation. N.B. Please ask if you are unsure how to use any equipment, if you are seen misusing equipment you will be asked to STOP for safety and maintenance reasons.

Robert Houston

Shed back to (almost) normal

After many months of full lockdown, and a month of partial opening, the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed is now permitted to reopen to all members, thanks in part to the enormous size of our shed.

Social distancing MUST be adhered to, with the 4 metre rule applying to all members and visitors to the shed. Groups are also limited to 20 persons. All members MUST fill in an attendance sheet upon arrival, and answer questions regarding their current health. When leaving the shed, members need to sign out. These records are kept by the shed only for approximately 4 weeks, in case of any problems.

Another generous donation

Photo taken at last years Official opening

Two of our greatest benefactors, Nan and Les Cowling have donated Another $5,000 on July 9th this year. This generous couple have consistently donated large sums to the shed over the years, as they believe we are one of the worthiest causes in the district.

Thank you from all the shedders.

Job Vacancy

Advanced Metal Industries in Orlando Street is looking for a part time employess to cut and connect timber and attach the new frame to a pallet. The end result being a box to transport custom frames to clients. Photos below show the beginnings of a frame, and a finished box.

If you are interested contact Brendan Drum on 6652 6955.

Treasurer position Filled

Shed member Garth Howard has put his hand up to help as the new Treasurer. The learning curve for Admin Bandit (Accountancy Software) is not too hard, and recent updates have allowed a better workflow of invoices and cash flow.

On the mend

Both Clive Longstaff and Jim Cleal have been through a lot lately, but we're happy to report that both gents are home and on the way to recovery. Get well soon guys.

2020 ~ 2021 Membership Fees

Membership is now due for the current financial year (July 2020 to June 2021). This years fee is $60 which is still an absolute bargain. Remember, you must be a paid up member to use the shed facilities. Email notification will be sent out shortly, if not already. Let's get the shed back to full swing.

Payment due by 31st August.

Upcoming Working Bee

A working bee will be organised sometime soon to clear excess timber and goods that have accumulated over the last 12 months. We need the room. Please put your hand up to help. If we all chip in it won't take long to do and get back to the tools.

Blunt and broken tools

If at any time you come across a tool that is broken, doesn't work, or needs sharpening or replacing, DON'T ignore it, inform the shed manager or committee member. That way the tool can be fixed or replaced asap to keep shedders working. If you break a tool, wear it down, drop it, short circuit it, or any other reason, let us know. Accidents happen, tools wear out, blades need sharpening..

Pat Conaghan visit

Nationals member for Cowper, Pat Conaghan visited recently to check on the new dust extraction system that recently installed. Pat was behind the grant to purchase the system. He has stated that he fully supports the Coffs Harbour Mens Shed and is willing to look at all grants that come across his desk. Thanks Pat.

Garage Sale - August 1st

With the shed on it's way back to normal, the monthly garage sale is back on. Volunteers are required to help on the day. A sign-up sheet is available on the lunch table. Profits returned from sales at the garage sale are important to the ongoing viability of the shed. We also get a lot of "walk-in" persons looking to get information about the shed and shed membership. This is a great time to be a proud shedder and show these visitors around, and encourage membership.

Ozemite Bandit

With the recent disappearance of the Ozemite from the fridge, the Coffs Harbour Mens Shed Committee swung into full action to replace the stolen item. It was decided to buy the company and change its "Corporate" appeal by changing it's name to favour the victim in this insideous crime, and so, Jacko Might was born...

Mezzanine Upgrade

If you haven't been to the shed lately, you will be surprised at the progression of the Mezzanine Floor. Photos below show the new floor coverings, carpet and vinyl, the "Music" room, storage areas and the meeting rooms. 

We are still waiting on a Development Application to pass through Council before we can proceed further. Not quite finished yet, the bathroom needs tiling and plumbing, an elevator installed and lots of final touches. The air conditioning is working well, it was nice and warm for the last Committee Meeting on July 8.

Vinyl "Timber finish" floor

Carpeted storage room

Music Room

More storage

More storage

President Tom Skinner leads the July Committee Meeting

Committee Members

Deceased Estate Sale

Tools and items of interest to shedders are available for private sale by contacting Ann on 0418 606 709.

The items are located in Urunga.

Press to call from mobile phone

"CE" Mechpro (gas & gasless) wire welder - $90

"Pilot" Air Compressor - $40

Ryobi Planer Thicknesser - $30

GMC Table Saw - $20

Triton Workcentre - $20

Supporters of the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed

The Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed wishes to thank all our supporters, both large and small,
for their ongoing support and generous donations of time and money. 


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