June 2015 Newsletter

What's Happening...

  • The rosewood doors should finally leave the shed soon. A bargain deal is being negotiated.
  • Fees for the new financial year are due during July. A posted/emailed bill is coming for $30. 
  • The great success of the last raffle has inspired the board to start another one. 
  • TAFE students are constructing a schmick 17 foot wooden kayak worth $1500 as first prize. 
  • The rocking Harley was won by Heather Williams, while Gail Davis from Queensland and Henry Suty (local sparky) won the minor prizes. Congratulations to Allan as creator and all ticket selling members.
  • The Sunday markets have provided a great platform for ticket sales as well as Shed exposure. Still some blanks on the volunteeer roster. With frequent enquiries for Lay Buy of expensive stall items, this system will be trialled.
  • With Dave Churchyard away for a while, Robert would like to mentor at least one new bike assembler. It means a regular Tuesday or Wednesday commitment at one of the retailers. Does this suit you ? This program
  • brings $9000 yearly to the shed.

Workshop Matters

El Presidente has asked that the workshop tidiness be improved (or even started!) At the end of your session leave your bench and nearby floor swept and empty (excepting newly glued jobs).

Only a small % of humans are colourblind, yet many tools finish on the wrong rack or in a drawer. There are 6 distinct painted colours on tools. All unpainted ones live in a drawer. It ain't Rocket Science.

It has been decided to start a register of borrowed tools. On the odd occasion that a special tool is needed at home, this will be noted in a register in Robert’s office.

Big thank you to Scott Mullan for the new lathe tool rack, also to John Bambey for racking screw boxes on the wall. This might ease the storage problem in the back hardware cupboard.

New Shed

We are still waiting for official rezoning of the Howard St land. With the storage of our container on the inroad , possession must be assumed. Late June or early July is the time frame for formal approval. The Board has started a fundraising committee with proposals on board. Estimate for completed shed is about $250,000 with $40,000 in the building fund to date. Commission work and sales have us in a healthy position each month.

Lauriton’s new Shed. I was made very welcome. Call in.

Health Check

  • Big Graham’s condition is unsure. Possibly he is home from Bellingen hospital.
  • Louis Cauz is in fine spirits and hopes to visit the shed soon.
  • John Bamber has had leg problems, but showing improvement.
  • Great to see all Thursday members so attentive at the Mental Health talk.

Member Profile - Robert Houston

Born at Enderslie Scotland (as was Braveheart William Wallace) Robert left school early due to his Dad’s early death and family needs. He tried labouring in various trades such as papermaking and electric motor assembly. Australian lass Deirdre came onto the scene and in 1995, persuaded him to holiday in Aust to visit her folks.

In true Scottish tradition our fearless leader wasn’t going to waste money on 2 return fares , so they emigrated.
While living at Penshurst Sydney, Robert worked in the printing trade and installed car accessories for 5 years, while trying to improve his Australian language skills (fail).

Robert and D moved to Coffs where Robert drove a water tanker on the Bonville Motorway construction for 2 years. 3 years ago boredom drove him to the Shed where we have appreciated his administrative ability. Mention must be made of his computer sketching ability where he can give a potential customer a brilliant working drawing in minutes. This also avoids a verbal description which can be a bit mystifying!

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