May - June 2016 Newsletter

What's Happening

  • Apologies for missing May Newsletter. Beautiful weather called us and the caravan South.
  • Our slab is finally poured with plumbing and electrical conduits embedded. Some members helped with the installation. 40 metres by 20 metres looks a great work area.

A few new grants have been secured :
  1. H.C.C.U. has donated $2950 towards our new kitchen.
  2. Luke Hartsuker has organised for $4765 to be used for solar panels
  3. Volunteer grant of $6000 is to buy computers, first aid equipment and tools.
  4. Further grants should be available with the new financial year. Priorities will be fencing and electrical work.
  • A General Meeting is planned for TUESDAY 28th June at 10a.m. where John Gregory wants to outline goals and future progress for the shed. Please try to get there even if Tuesday isn’t your day, to contribute to the discussion.
  • This week is Men’s Health Week and our shed will be participating with an OPEN DAY each weekday, welcoming potential members. Please be ready to leave your work project to explain our shed’s features and show things in a good light. Let’s be positive at all times and show goodwill.
  • A representative of JOHN SORBY PRECISION TOOLS will be in attendance on July 7th at 6p.m. to demonstrate their products such as lathe turning chisels. This guy is a skilled craftsman and is guaranteed to keep you interested. Other wood craftsmen and nearby sheds have been invited.
  • Some help from members will be sought to rearrange the workshop for the evening session. A lucky door prize and sausage sizzle will be provided.
  • The suggestion has been made that we display at the Sunday Harbourside Markets in the future. Maybe a different clientele – more touristy.
  • Members Peter Jackson and Ron Braun recently did a cruise to New Guinea. An informal gathering at the bar saw a collection of 25 members from all over Aust. Good idea. Beats souvenir shopping with her.
  • Welcome new member Chris Thomson.
  • Membership renewals are due on 1/7/16 $40 may be paid by direct deposit (see reminder).
  • Good to see Graham back in the shed. 
  • Basil Healy is in Bello. hospital with a broken leg and would appreciate visitors.

Workshop Projects

Tom Skinner Unit

Jon Bambey and lecturn

Graham Miller BBQ Table

Zulton with ex palette timber box

Member Profile - Col Hampshire

Col was born at Warrigul in Victoria, son of a concreter and in a family of 8. He loved cricket and Aussie Rules while attending Warrigul Tech School, but showed early interest in girls, sport, music, sheet metal and Geometry.

On leaving school, Col started a Painting and Decorating apprenticeship, finally leaving Warragul in 1964, following his parents to the Snowy Mountains Project.

Col first lived in a boarding house in Cooma, visiting his parents each weekend at Island Bend, past Jindabyne. He painted around Cooma for 17 years, where he met Marie whose father was an engine driver and subsequently had 4 boys there. Col did lots of trout fishing as the new lakes were rising.

The Hampshires moved to Coffs in 1983 to fix an asthma problem, Col starting his own painting business employing up to 4 workers. He was never short of work and did some large jobs including Creek Towers although he wasn’t keen on heights!

He swears that he never spilt a paint pail and never fell off a ladder.

With retirement 3 years ago, Col has concentrated on his professional guitar playing at clubs and the shed. He thoroughly enjoys the mateship of our group and is invaluable as a timber finisher. He often sands a product after the constructor has handed it over. 

”Near enough isn’t good enough”

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