March 2015 Newsletter


Had the Lionesses in supplying morning tea (beautiful !) 

and a sizeable donation to our new shed funds.

  • Our new block should be on the Council agenda today. Here’s hopeful!
  • Parking has been a problem in Marcia St. No easy answer unless you sleep at the shed.
  • Stuart has been updating the website with photos during his 2 days per week. Check to see yourself at the “shed project “ tab. Appreciated.
  • Tony is due back on March 24 from his Penang reunion. Col will be overjoyed.
  • Shed insurance has been renewed with better cover for off site jobs and disabled workers.

Health Check

Graham Campbell is resident at the Health Campus until next Monday. Now missing the foot spur which slowed him down . He would appreciate any visitors. Louis Cauz is back from Brisbane and should be shedding again soon. Don Black is having another spell in hospital.

New Gadgets

The CNC router is proving a challenge to Robert and others. A few plaques and signs have been produced and the first firm order arrived this morning. Its behaviour is improving with less “shortcuts” across previous lettering happening.

The new ute is performing well. Fully loaded this morning with surplus chipboard and MDF for the tip.


  • The DJ box was delivered this week. Very professional finish.
  • John Bamber has produced a wishing well, but protested about the Telstra rope provided. We still have kilometres available. Tell your friends.
  • David Churchyard is doing well with bike assembly – now recognises the seatpost for what it is.