March 2016 Newsletter

What's Happening

  • 4 Council officials attended the last Board meeting to report on progress with the new shed. A planned visit to the site by shed members last Thursday was postponed due to O.H.S. problems. We should be visiting in the next few weeks.
  • After a successful Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on Sunday 19th March clearing about $800, we have been offered another due to a lapsed provider next Saturday 26th. Robert has filled most time slots already. We are given one time slot per year, but can fill in with little notice for others. Names are welcomed for a short notice team for this lucrative money earner.
  • The board suspects that members no longer feel the need to volunteer due to our recent funding good news. Unfortunately, most of our grant terms allow for a DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR commitment, meaning that we must still fund raise actively. Market stalls are more important than ever. Further details from board members.
  • A grant has been applied for to purchase a defibrillation machine for the shed. They are apparently easy to use without training and may save a life one day. The first aid team should now be on hand for other emergencies.
  • Ken has secured some important grant money lately. More below.
  • We welcome new members to the shed: Bruce Snow, Doug Parker, Tom Skinner, John Johnson, Bill Kelly and John Smith. Hoping you have many happy and productive hours with us.

Farewell Derek

About 20 members attended Derek’s funeral last week. Farewell to one of our original members and nature’s gentleman.

Wounded Workers

  • Graham Campbell should be heading home in the next few days. His new foot/shoe should be now be matched and working.
  • Fred Pearson’s operation has been postponed for a while. Frustrating.

Workshop Items

  • During the last few weeks, all the rack chisels (coloured) have been ground and sharpened. There are those amongst us who tend to use a chisel for a screwdriver and a screwdriver for a chisel. If you want to open a paint can or prise out flat headed nails, DON’T use a rack chisel - please!

Shown above is our new disc/belt sander and Tormek blade grinder

  • The Tormek is a precision tool and will be explained by a company rep. in the next few weeks. Only those who listen to the demo and understand its function will be qualified to use it. The Tormek does a perfect job of blade grinding with constant water cooling. It is not for sharpening centre punches etc.
  • Our board is not happy with members who leave projects on benches during their absence. Some days it is hard to find an empty work space. Warnings will be issued to serial offenders followed by suspension from entitlements.

Mick and Wayne clamp up an end grain cutting block – the best.

We need some new ideas for saleable projects. Ideally, the following :
Not too big (uses timber offcuts)
New idea on the market – not available elsewhere
Ideal gift or souvenir
Not labour intensive
So bring in your ideas, ask a friend for an independent opinion, make a proto type, then discuss its possibilities with Robert.

Ken Ryan’s Wine Stand. Good idea.

Ron Braun’s neat Western Red stool.

This tool arrived thanks to a grant organised by Ken. 
It makes pocket screwing easy + other things I haven’t sorted out yet.

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