May 2017 Newsletter

We have moved!

We have finally relocated to 138a Howard Street after years of surviving Marcia Street. Note that the above phone number has yet to be transferred and should only be used in emergencies (eg Tsunami Warning) When N.B.N. cooperates, all calls will not incur a $1 diversion fee.

Plan View of the proposed paving and garden.

Parking has already reared its ugly head as members try to get close to the shed. Plenty of parks on the access road and a bit of exercise won’t hurt us.

I have been impressed by the quiet atmosphere in the shed during breaks. No hammering compressor, screaming radio or silicon spray gun. May it continue. I also like the smoking furniture outside.


Throughout the move, many people and businesses have helped us:

  • Tom Gordon from Barry Smith Engineering who solved the nightmare of moving our largest bandsaw (“The Beast”) by constructing a special cradle. Lets hope it gets plenty of use when wired up. 
  • Coffs Cranes supplied a Hiab Loader for moving the heavy machinery without risk to life and limb.
  • Paul and Helen Parramor from Sawtell have donated a new hotplate and rangehood for the kitchen.
  • Simon McCredie from Carpet Court has supplied Vinyl planks to cover the Office and first aid room floors. This is a very valuable donation and we thank expert Wayne for organising and laying them this week.
  • Kens paint donor. Very generous and appreciated.
  • Nick Stubbs from Autoshop for forklift use

The "Beast"

More in the next news.

New Members

Bruce McConnell was reunited with his old expertise of plastering in the office area. A very handy addition.
Barry Hund has computer experience, and is helping Robert with getting the CNC router going again. It will be reassuring to have more than one operator.


  • Luke Hartsuuker has advised us that a $2600 grant is provided to get us a Defibrillator and a “decent” first aid cupboard.
  • Ken has applied for a large grant to finish the Mezzanine level. Rooms and storage space are planned.
  • A grant applying for an inverter welder and milling machine was unsuccessful. Nice try Ken.

Workshop News

Treasurer John has assured me that there is no desperate need to restart the production line. Great relief. Main priority is to get all tools and machines into planned positions.

This is the first commission job produced in the new shed by Tom

Tom at work with restoration project amongst the clutter.
Officially we have not occupied the shed. Homework Tom ?

The Engineering section. 
Congratulations Peter Jackson in getting your area remotely organised first.

By contrast, the central shed area still needs a little tidy up !
One day we’ll look back on this and appreciate the effort involved by many.

Thanks for the effort


Our joint shed manager would like to recognise the special efforts of workers during the last few weeks:

Graham Campbell, Mick Field, Craig Melrose, Johnno Johnson ,Les Grant, Bob White, Ray Meyer, Scott Mullan, Bruce Evans, Bob Wood, Trevor Carrick, Peter Machin, Fred Pearson, Warren Sanger, Ray Brook, John Gregory, Zoltan and Doug, Bruce McConnell and Graham Evelyn.

In no particular order. 

Ron Braun performed wonders – a mini superman.

At Howard St, Peter Jackson, Bill Tindal, Ken Ryan, Andrew Ryan, Brian Franklin, Robert Housten, Allan Larkin, and Graham Miller.

Please forgive any omissions (one major player prefers anonymity).


Without singling out individuals, Allan would like to convey his absolute delight at the way members have risen to the occasion to meet the transfer deadline. Well done . We look forward to a great future with excellent facilities and decreased work pressure.

From the editor

I have been absent for the last fortnight on a preplanned holiday as have a few other long term members. On return I find the move complete. Not bad for a pack of old retirees. Cheers Doug.

P.S. No profile this month –submissions welcome

No cleaning roster yet. Let’s keep our shed healthy.

Interestingly it was the newer members who were prominent in the workforce.

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