November 2016 Newsletter

What's New

  • Hopefully this is your last view of a bare slab at Howard St. The Committee hopes to have the Fair Dinkum steel shed erected by mid January, thanks to a recent Council grant of $125,000 + .
  • The shed was ordered on Monday, and delivery is possible in 3 weeks. Add to this 3 weeks erection by the suppliers and the future looks good. Some thought will be given to delays over the Xmas period and security at the site.
  • You should have been sent information regarding the A.G.M. on December 8th. Don’t leave nominations til the last minute.
  • At the Xmas party, feel free to wear your shed blue shirt if it is clean.
  • Tony assures me that he has bought a new one lately that doesn’t resemble a Ken Done painting.
  • A record sausage sizzle at Bunnings last week netted $1710 dollars. About 15 rostered workers cooked and sold 53 kg of sausages. All had a shower that night whether they needed it or not. My gear wasn’t allowed within the house before decontamination. A special thanks to Ken and Andrew Ryan who cooked most of the day.
  • Tony is pleased that the workshop cleanliness is improving. Make sure your area including the floor is tidy before you leave.
  • You will be asked to nominate your choice for SHED MEMBER OF THE YEAR soon. Think about those who go the extra mile.
  • The committee are sharing the responsibilities for preparing areas of the new shed. Especially the kitchen, spray booth and dust extraction.

People and Projects

12 of these were recently refurbished for a resort. 

All involved were pleased to farewell them

Tom Skinner is showing off an old trade called veneering 

with hot animal glue to restore furniture. Probably the last craftsman in Coffs to do it.
He has found a great source of veneer on the Gold Coast called Matildas.
Ask him about it.

Imagine cleaning up this for restoration. Somebody did!

Please use the rubbery cleaning sticks on belts and discs before and after use. A disc can last 3 months or 3 days depending upon clogged abrasive.

New member Brian Franklin at work.

 His electrical background will be valued in the new shed.

Graeme thinks this toffee apple is a REAL vegetable. Not health food!

Some of our long term disability workers enjoying Thursdays

Health News

  • Col Hampshire should be leaving Baringa Hospital today after getting 2 stents in his leg to improve circulation. Best wishes to half of our painting team. Hope to see you soon.
  • “Tiny” Graham Campbell tells me he is getting a new leg after Christmas. Just in time to help with the relocation. It’s good to have you back in the workshop G. and you now handle emails!
  • Ron Braun’s stomach is almost recovered after 3 weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Painting Procedure

Because Tony has been so busy with spray painting, he has asked that all jobs arriving for finishing should have:
No pencil marks showing
No router burns
No circ. Saw trails
No arris (sharp) edges
Smooth surfaces .
Non bumpy curves

The painters will fill holes etc appropriately before final coat. We like to present well finished products not displaying rough workmanship.

Cleaning Roster

John Clarke 25/11
Ken Ryan 2/12
Graham Campbell 9/12
Roger Davis 23/12
Terry Mason 6/1

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