November 2017 Newsletter


  • Welcome to 15 new members this month. It seems the new shed has attracted many new faces with varying work backgrounds. Our new facility is the envy of most other Sheds on the North Coast, and we now have 130 active members for the first time.

A typical Thursday view from the mezzanine. 
With 130 members, we hope they don’t all arrive at once.
Imagine the kitchen at smoko time!

  • Don’t forget the Xmas party on December 12th (partners welcome ) and A.G.M. on December 13th.
  • The “chairlift” to the mezzanine floor is now up and operating. Please don’t pocket the remote control on departure. 

Matt Black watched the installation with interest.

  • The engineering shop is now enclosed by the new wall shown above. Jacko has reservations about the summer ventilation within, but enjoys the privacy. For sleeping ?Ken Ryan with help has arranged power droppers and dust extraction to the row of stand alone machines in the NW area of the shed. It’s great to have qualified electricians in our membership.
  • There are now dedicated tables for sanding, glueing and painting. It would be appreciated if you would remove projects to clear these surfaces as soon as practicable.

Our spray painter Bob Neuhaus with a commission job. 
We thank him for a variety of donated power tools.

A heavy table now graces our welding area, courtesy of Peter Jackson and David.
This photo and others are available on our facebook page.

This action photo of Graham and Chris Pile show what our biggest bandsaw is capable of 
(if you are certified to use it – and courageous!)

We have recently noticed that one of the GOLDEN RULES frames has disappeared. It’s removal is not appreciated , but its reappearance would be. No questions asked at this stage. 

Workshop Practices

  • A reminder that the Triton spindle moulder has 2 height adjustment devices. Make sure that you understand the function of each to avoid maintenance problems. Any of the regular users are happy to explain correct usage.
  • Also , be sure to have the dust extractor operating during use. Background noise sometimes masks its non operation ( I am a recent culprit).
  • The Sat. morning open house/ garage sales haven’t attracted huge crowds yet. Any publicity and ideas would be appreciated.

Project News

Graham Evelyn should be proud of this commission restoration job.

John Humphrey’s project has been the framing upstairs. 
He loves building and has worked tirelessly.

Another hardwood success for Graham Miller

Mark Dunn is into native bee boxes and seems knowledgeable about them.
A very worthwhile project.

The guitar group have come up with this fancy profile jig.

New Tools

Our thanks also to Charlie Moss (an old colleague) who has donated a large TV and a grinder.

A specialised metal cutting bandsaw (donated).

Our new milling machine obtained by grant funding.
 Luke Hartsukker recently attended to present it.

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