October 2014 Newsletter


  • We are trying to make the shed a more relaxed workshop without pressure of “production line” commission work on a tight deadline. Unfortunately we have only about 6 dedicated craftsmen capable of producing top line work regularly. Please offer to help produce saleable items or restore furniture for the shed if you have the time available. Some big projects are in the pipeline needing a project craftsman.
  • Don Black is still not well as is Col Hampshire, about to get a stent following a wounded leg. Louie and Graeme Campbell (the smaller) are also having health problems. Fearless leader Robert has vision problems lately and will not be seen for a while. All the best from your shed mates to some of our best workers.
  • After 3 months of our financial year, we have only 50 paid up members. Please encourage new blood and find out why past members have not rejoined.
  • We are trying to resolve access problems in the driveways See Robert and Tony for details.
  • The mezzanine storage area has been tidied lately. Help the organization by putting your name and date on
  • wanted material. I suspect that some parcels of wood need carbon dating and their owners are long dead.
  • Would the Thursday workers please assist and thank the lady who brings the donated bread and produce.

Coming Events

Bunnings Opening – Sat Nov 8. We were fortunate to secure the BBQ catering for Sat of the opening week.

You will be asked to help out in a 5 man team during the day.

Spring Fair at the Botanic Gardens. Sunday 2/11 . Two members will be in the gazebo during the day to sell stock and Xmas raffle tickets as well as explaining membership to interested public.

Please note these days on your calendar now.

Christmas Raffle

The Christmas raffle has 3 excellent donated prizes and all members will be asked to take at least one book

of 10 tickets at $2 each.

Rental Support for 2015

Rental support by CHESS disappears next year. Business sponsors for rental assistance are being sought by

the Board. (need $1200 per month).

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