September 2018 Newsletter

Presidents Message

Ken Ryan
A big thank you to all involved in the garage sale fundraiser for our contribution to the drought relief (See Page 4). A great effort. As you are probably aware, our shed has partnered with the Gilgandra shed and we have sent $3,000 to them which will benefit the Gilgandra district. The contribution includes $2,000 raised at the garage sale.

The Gilgandra Men's Shed have resolved to include our donation as well as the Gilgandra Men's Shed in the fund known as "Gilgandra District Drought Alliance". This organisation includes representation from The Gilgandra Men's Shed, Country Womens's Association, Gilgandra Lions Club and St Vincent de Paul. The group was formed with the intent that any donation could be more effectively distributed using the resources of the combined organisations.

The main distribution method will be with $250 credit cards from the local Bendigo Bank. The cards are such that the proceeds can be only spent within the Gilgandra Shire through EFTPOS. Application forms are available throughout the Gilgandra Township, applicants can apply for themselves as well as anonymously on behalf of a person in need. A representative committee will process the applications and make funds available to those in need.

The shed clean-up week was very successful and it was great to see so many members roll up to help. Inroads were also made into the construction of the mezzanine. Thanks to Robert for pulling it all together and thanks to David for the culinary delights at lunch time.

Graham Miller continues to work on the garden/landscaping and I’m sure he would welcome anyone with a “green thumb” to help out. Also items for the garden would be welcome eg shrubs etc. 

I will be out of action for about 6 weeks after shoulder replacement surgery. Hopefully I will be able to visit the shed regularly and have a cuppa.

Ken Ryan, President.

Shed Manager's Report

By now you will have noticed that the cleanup of the Men's Shed has made a major improvement to the working conditions and fire safety requirements. Let me throw out a great big thankyou to all who attended and participated. The shed is for all members to use, and it's nice to see members giving back...

Work on the Mezzanine Rooms recommenced last Monday with many organised members pitching in. All the plasterboard was positioned and fastened, followed by the plastering. Soon the rooms will be painted, the electrical will be finished and connected, next are the doors and windows. Lastly, floor coverings will be laid. The rooms will be air-conditioned and available as storage. Alan Larkin proposed naming each room after valuable sponsors. We have a new video of the cleanup and the members working on the Mezzanine area - click here.

Invitations have been sent to interested parties to visit our shed during Men's Shed Week. This is the 11th celebration of Men's Shed Week and we are proud of our new shed. Please be especially tidy during this period. Representatives of the Coffs Council will be dropping in on Wednesday 26th for a morning visit.

Plans are underway to replace our ageing ute with a 'newer' model. We have found a suitable replacement and are currently in negotiation to purchase.

A Fire Drill is planned for next week. Be ready - know your Evacuation Procedure and Designated Assembly Point.

I received this wonderful email in response to adding Peter Murphy's email address to the newsletter subscription list. 

"Hey Robert,
Thanks to Ken I have this connection back with the shed via this newsletter. The range of emotions I had while reading through the articles; seeing some old faces, reading familiar names and just picking up on the vibe of the shed makes me glow with pride as to what has been achieved and continued over the years. I keep thinking time travels so fast in this busy life with a family but time for a "men's shed" stands much stiller. I think that is the beauty of a shed; it is less pushed by the rush of life. The work and social platform you create from what you are all doing is probably taken for granted at times by you regular attendees but I can assure you that having time to stand back and look in, I can see a powerful, transforming contribution to lives and community. The newsletter is gold. Credit to all the players continuing to create a lasting legacy. Please pass this on to anyone or in anyway you see fit Robert. I hope you and the family are well. I am looking forward to visiting (for the opening I hope).

Cheers, Peter Murphy"

New Garden Layout

Vice President Graham Miller has taken on the task of building our new garden and barbeque area. Any support
in this project will be appreciated, so if you see Graham working on the project, lend a hand. As can be seen on these plans, the garden features several raised garden beds that can be accessed by members in wheelchairs. The barbeque is covered by a pergola and seating will be arranged to keep everyone happy. Well that's the plan. What we need is materials to build so if you can help towards filling the shopping list below let Graham (or a Shed Manager) know.

This list will get us to a nice finish:
● Mulch about 5m2
● Copper logs for raised garden beds
● 6 meter long sheets of colour bond orb steel for the roof - we need 8 sheets
● 3 sheets of F62 Steel mesh for footings for the pergola
● Timber - for a 6 meter x 5 meter pergola, seasoned hardwood
● 4.2m2 concrete for pergola slab floor
● Poly pipe for a watering system
● Bricks for barbeque
● Hot plate and gas system

Fundraising - Garage Sale Success

The Garage sale on the weekend of August 25th was very successful and we raised over $2000, plus our $1000 Donation, for the Gilgandra Men's Shed. The Shed would like to thank the following members for their great efforts at the Garage Sale: Robert Houston, Dave Churchyard, Doug Tysoe, Peter Jackson, Wayne Crivelone, Tom Skinner, Jones'y, Nevill Colligan, Doug Simpson, Jim Cleal (fantastic Job on The BBQ Sat), Dave Wickham, Ray Meyer, and the folks from Coffs who attended and spent $2,000.

This spare change is not for lollies.

Lots of visitors helped the sales and profile of the Shed.


Wayne manning the Hot Dog Sausage Sizzle Stand.

Just browsing...

Shedder Alan's wife Sherry made an entrance when she dropped by to see what all the fuss was about.

Around the Shed


Ken and David do the math and set up this table saw to cut a single long 75mm pole into 2 triangular shaped poles. Like the Daleks trying to conquer the universe, the cutting came to an abrupt halt as the guards  prevented the flow of the timber. Some head scratching was needed, and soon the solution (and some dandruff) was found.


2 Honour boards have been made for a Shed client. The pic on the left shows Glenn sanding the larger board prior to painting and finishing. On the right the board has been painted and finished sitting in the paint booth to dry in a dust free environment. Jobs like this require a team effort. As can be seen the quality is excellent. Well done guys.

Ken and Brian working on table leg extensions for a shed customer.

Shedders at Work


A rare sight - Robert doing a project for himself.
It looks like he's concentrating so we'd better leave him alone...


Doug has built a selection of Bee Hives for sale to raise money for the farmers.
They went on sale at the Garage Sale and Doug was happy to sell them under cost to ensure a bargain.
As you know Doug has featured recently in our newsletter with his message to all of us about the dwindling bee habitat in Australia.


From Wikipedia:
"The cigar box guitar is a primitive chordophone that uses an empty cigar box as a resonator. The earliest had one or two strings; modern models typically have three or more. Generally, the strings are connected to the end of a broomstick or a 1 x 3 inch wood slate and to the cigar box resonator."

This is Alan. Alan recently joined the Men's Shed with the idea of making a cigar box ukulele. He doesn't have a cigar box so he built one out of scrap timber. To produce the correct resonance he used the thicknesser to get a piece of jackaranda down to 3mm. When complete the ukulele will be electronically amplified to improve the tone and volume.


This is Peter Lewis. Peter is from Kyogle, and has joined the Coffs Men's Shed recently as he is house-sitting for a friend in town for a few months. Peter also has a daughter and grandkids in the area. In Kyogle Peter helps the native bees by making hives for his property. He tries different designs but is seen here making some hives from a proven design. Our apiarist Doug Tysoe has helped Peter with information and local contacts.


Billy cart built by the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed. Photo supplied by happy mum.



Owner of Toyota Coffs Harbour and The Pier Hotel, Warren Skinner, announced on Friday 31st August a $14,000 donation which has been distributed to the Woolgoolga and Bellingen Men's Sheds. Ken Ryan and family, and Graham Miller represented us for a beer with Warren at his local. Warren has been a huge supporter over the years, and is 100% behind the local Men's Sheds. His donations are always much appreciated.

Spring Clean

Mezzanine Progress

Coffs Harbour Support Services

Left to right: Arlan, Daniel, Jordan and Rod


Jordan and Rod are making bread baskets. They made the first one as a master, and now have 2 more in the works, which will be sold through the Men's Shed. In the past they have made a resin inlay chopping board.
Rod says Jordan really likes coming to the Men's Shed.

Arlan and Daniel are making a model truck. Daniel was inspired by previous models of trucks made by other shedders. Using his own materials and off-cuts from the shed, Daniel is learning skills like sanding, painting, tinting, shaping and cutting. He is 3 months into his project, and has a few more months to finish.


Brett and Arlan are showing off their latest bird feeder. Arlan, who works for the Coffs Harbour Support Services, brings Brett into the shed every Friday to work on his bird feeders. Brett has been making them for himself for the past 4 years and is now building some to sell through the Men's Shed to raise funds for it's members.

Supporters of the Coffs Harbour Men's Shed

The Coffs Harbour Community Men's Shed wishes to thank all our supporters, both large and small,
for their ongoing support and generous donations of time and money. 

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